Production services.

We provide a range of services:


Photo retouching


Video editing

Studio rental.

We are based in Cricklewood, North West London.

Warehouse windows

Single day rent

Monthly contracts

And much more

Photography productions

We would like you to relax and enjoy working with us on various types of photography assignments that we offer.

Our team will work with you before the shoot to understand your needs.

We will do our best to make you feel at home so we can get the best results.

We will discuss with you what you like the most from a project and make sure you receive the best result possible.

Leave it all with us – relax and enjoy your journey with FAV!

Videography productions

We foster a strong sense of family towards each other and towards our clients.

You do not need huge film crews for social media, you just need great content and someone who you can trust.

We do not require TV advert budgets to make successful videos that works for you.

We create for the platforms Young, digital natives, we shoot for the platform and for the audience that the video is actually intended for.

We will meet you and spend time understanding your business so we can make sure the right message is delivered.

FAV studios.

Photography studio
North West London

Our studio space is located on a bustling street in a heart of Cricklewood.

It is a part of a large warehouse with several different small businesses.

Our studio has newly build full infinity cove.

We also now have separate lounge area for your bookings.

Benefiting from 3 huge warehouse style windows, the space is filled with a lot of natural light and benefits from direct early morning and evening sun.

The studio is 6.5m x 5m in floor size and has a 3m high ceiling.

FAV backdrops.

FAV backdrops – we are very proud to offer our clients these amazing hand-painted canvases and hand-crafted backgrounds.

Hand painted canvases.

Unique textures and colours

Mostly upcycled paint

Sustainable materials used

Comes in widths of 150cm and 300cm

Hand crafted backgrounds.

Unique textures and colours

Upcycled wood and paint


Comes in many different sizes