Handcrafted photographic backdrops.

In collaboration with Gabriele Kasakaityte.

The idea was born when our Co-owner and head photographer Marius witnessed how many things people throw away or give away for free. He thought that there must be a way how can some of these items be upcycled. He looked through photographers perspective and came up with idea to create backdrops for photography.

As he previously worked with an amazing artist Gabriele Kasakaityte, he decided to share the idea and invite her to join the programme. She was very excited about the idea to upcycle and create art. Gabriele owns her own sustainable fashion brand, Thatsgabi, so their companies were well suited for each other.

We really hope people will love these creations as much as they both do!

So this is how it all started...

I came across an artist who was moving from her studio due covid-19 and was giving away a set of unwanted wood panels.After successfully making wooden backdrops we decided to start testing on canvases.Trying something new and seeing positive results felt very rewarding. This motivated us to keep creating.

And the work just took off...

There were many exciting days during this creative process, but we came across a few obstacles that we managed to overcome and learn.

Even though we just started, we already have results to be proud of...