Marius Bukis

Co-owner & photographer


And we are looking for


Marco El Hayani Videographer

Marco El Hayani

Co-owner & videographer

If you are PASSIONATE, FRIENDLY, CREATIVE and like sharing your experience and skills with others - please let us know as we are looking for YOU!
You can be someone who just starting in a creative industry or someone with little or a lot of knowledge - EVERYONE ARE WELCOME!
We are are working on creating virtual and physical safe space where we could help each other grow and achieve their BEST!
Also your input in helping us create this - is unbelievably valuable!


Our studio space is located on a narrow and very busy street in a heart of Cricklewood.

It is a part of a huge warehouse with a few different small businesses.

Benefiting from 3 huge warehouse style windows that fills the space with a lot of natural light and has direct sunlight early in the morning and amazing sunset sun too.

Size of a studio is around 5m x 5m in size and also has around 3m high ceilings.


Learn - Create - Experiment - Grow - Share

FAV Productions

Photography Department

Videography Department

We would like you to relax and enjoy working with us on various types of photography assignments that we offer.

Our team will work with you before the shoot to understand your needs.

We will do our best to make you feel like at home so we can get the best results.

We will discuss with you what you like the most from a project with us and make sure you receive the best result possible.

Leave it all with us – relax and enjoy the journey with FAV!

Food and drinks is ART!

We at FAV understand how important your food quality is to you – as it is to us the quality of your images we provide!

We also understand that if you are small independent restaurant – you might not have huge budgets to spend on imagery. We will work together and will find the best options for your business depending on the budget.

We will always take on board any feedback you will have after reviewing final images and if there will be something you still want to adjust – we will do that then step by step until you are completely satisfied!

We foster a strong sense of family, towards each other and towards you.

You don’t need huge film crews for social media, you just need great content and someone who you can trust.

We don’t require TV advert budgets to make successful videos that works for you.

We create for the platforms Young, digital natives, we shoot for the platform and for the audience that the video is actually intended for.

We will meet you and your business so we can make sure the right message is delivered.

Congratulations on your big day!

We offer cinematic wedding videography service all around UK and overseas. It is a very enjoyable and stressful moment – we all know.

Here at Fav-studios we like to help you out and subsidise a bit of that pressure.

We try to be as discreet as possible that allow us also to capture the best moments of peoples joy and happiness.

They say the person the bride spend most of the time with during the wedding is the photographer / videographer and we know that.

FAV Projects

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